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fUNNER’s “I Love Mardi Gras II” w/ Rock Hard

02/15/2020 9PM No Cover

If you love to party, this show is for you! The second annual I Love Mardi Gras event combines the sprit of Valentine’s Day with the crazy of Mardi Gras all in one night! Beads...lots of beads...plus special giveaways and more during this event featuring 80’s/90’s rap, dance, and new wave from fUNNER and anthem packed 80’s hard rock from Rock Hard! See you at Hanovers, February 15th!


For table reservations please call our venue @ 512-969-5027 anytime after 2PM and speaks to the Manager on Duty.

$20 for 1 table with 4 seats
$40 for 1 large table with 8-10 seats.