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Acoustic Campfire Night – Freebleeder

11/10/2018 12AM-1AM No Cover

Acoustic Campfire Night:
Fall is here...and getting a little chilly...
So time to come inside and enjoy an intimate night of acoustic music...and storytelling...
Chance to hear some of your favorite local bands playing their songs in an unique style
Make plans to be there...for this one magical night of music..

Hometown: Austin, TX
Genre: Rock
Band Members:
Jon Millican
Chris Foster
Matt Coleman
Jonathan Palmer

Go to the corner store, buy the cheapest beer you can find, shake the Hell out of it, then pop the top. What comes out is Freebleeder from Austin Texas. One part punk, one part rock, and one part metal, and three parts drunk. Catchy songs and an energetic live set have begun to provide a buzz throughout the mighty State of Texas. Drink and Destroy.