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FEATURING: Skyrocket! The Band

02/16/2018 9PM-12AM $8 Cover starts 7:30PM

Hometown: Austin, TX
Genre: 70's & 80's Covers
Band Members:
Trish Murphy - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, & Keyboards
Benjamin Hotchkiss - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, & Percussion
Johnny Goudie - Keyboards, Guitar, & Vocals
Kyle Crusham - Guitar & Keyboards
Paul English - Guitar & Vocals
Cory Glaeser - Bass & Vocals
Darin Murphy - Drums, Vocals, & Guitar

SKYROCKET! (formerly the K-TEL HIT MACHINE) plays AM gold from the 1970's, mixed with a few edgy album rock favorites from the 80's. This seven-piece band (six male, one female) takes its name from the series of compilation albums advertised on TV in the 70's, and much of the band's repertoire appeared on those records. If you're thinking "classic rock", think again. SKYROCKET! steers virtually clear of typical rock and dance standards driven into the ground by radio and karaoke, and breathes new life into old hits that made you smirk back then and make you howl today. If Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon formed a cover band, this would be it.

What makes SKYROCKET! unique is the fact that its members have all been firmly entrenched in Austin’s original music scene for years. The result is not just a cover act going through the motions, but a professional, street-wise band honoring their craft and heritage and having a ball while they’re at it. Their enthusiasm is infectious.