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10/14/2017 9PM-10PM No Cover

Hometown: Austin, TX
Genre: Rock
Band Members:
Bobby Corbett
Brandon Gibbs
Greg Hayward
Kevin Mitchell

Darkness;Ending is a Texas hard rock/alternative metal band based in Austin. We dabble in the macabre, the gloom, the shadows. Our songs tell a story…one that is observant, philosophical, and thought provoking. We write loud, unapologetic, heavy music with strong and prevalent melodies. This is a band founded by four close friends that have one common goal: To write, record, and perform music that is satisfying to us as performers and musicians. We’re not a group of strangers connected through Craigslist; we’re brothers on a musical journey.

Our new record, “Unkindness of Ravens”, will be released February 1, 2017.