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American Warrior Festival 2018

09/29/2018 1PM - 1:30AM $20 Tickets at Door

American Warrior Festival "A celebration of our Troops, Veterans and American way of life" is coming to Austin!
Please join us for a day of music, BBQ and drinks including our outside Beer garden featuring local breweries. Our event allows military and veterans to attend for free. Veteran based non profit organizations get free vendor booths as well. Our veteran based non profit beneficiary for this show will be Heroes Night Out!

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Band List:
Genre: Rock, Heavy blues, Southern rock, Boogie, & Stomp
For over two decades, Thunderosa have rocked the country, first in Arizona, then in New York and since 2005 Texas, when the powerful trio moved to Austin,

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, & Southern Rock
ULTRA is an eclectic, guitar driven band from San Antonio, Texas performing all Original Music.

Genre: Hard Rock
A four piece Alt-Rock band from the Tx, Gulf now making waves in Austin, Tx

Jerry Wayne Reed
Shawn Dunham

Genre: Rock
Go to the corner store, buy the cheapest beer you can find, shake the Hell out of it, then pop the top. What comes out is Freebleeder from Austin Texas. One part punk, one part rock, and one part metal, and three parts drunk. Catchy songs and an energetic live set have begun to provide a buzz throughout the mighty State of Texas. Drink and Destroy.

Chasing After Alice
Genre: Metal
Chasing After Alice is a melodically driven metal band from Austin, TX.

JB Aaron
Genre: Country
His passion for singing and performing inspires him to continue to entertain and support the country music industry. He wishes to share his love of music with the world for as long as he can.

Glow In The Sun
Genre: Rock N Roll
Glow in the Sun is a psychedelic rock group based out of Austin, Tx. They are heavily influenced by the 70's era of rock that can get pretty heavy at times.

Geno Gottschall
Genre: Rock, Blues, & Ballads