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ACES – Sand Volleyball Tournament

08/09/2020 10AM-5:30PM $35 Fee, Register with League

Regular Fee: $35
Format : Co-Ed 2's
level : B
Check-in : 9 AM

Top team : 2 New OPTX AVP Balls
2nd place: $50 Tab

ACES will be hosting our first Co-Ed 2's Tourney of the year at Hanovers in Pflugerville!

Join the fun and play some sand ball.

Pizza will be provided!

Signup here:

All members must be 21 years or older to join!

* You will play every team in your pool to 21, no cap. Switch side every 7 point.
* Finals will be best of 3, game to 21 and third game to 15.
*Doubles rules (block counts as a touch).
* No open hands dinks, you either have to knuckle, close fist, or have fingers together.
* Doubles will be called.
* No open hand receive (unless hard-driven hit).
Note: Open hand requires both hands on top of each other or closed together. Hands can't be side to side.
* Each team will be responsible to ref games according to schedule.
*Please be on time or your spot will be given to someone on the wait list.
*Timers will be in all the courts to keep games going.
No refund will be given within 48 hours of the tourney.

Safety precautions:
We will wipe all the balls and clean up the ref stands every game. Please use the provided hand sanitizers. Anyone sick should remain at home.

Please maintain distance when not playing. Masks are required to enter the courts and order To-Go drinks. Thanks!