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A Night in The Swamp III – Space Cushion

04/21/2018 10PM-10:45PM No Cover

Genre: Rock 'N Roll
Hometown: Austin, TX
Band Members:
Scotty MC - Lead Vocals
Bill Corley - Guitar & Backing Vox
Kyle Bassett - Bass & Backing Vox
Bret Bryon - Drums & Backing Vox
Mr. Barry Welch - Recording Engineer, Co-Producer, & Special Guest

Blending an eclectic mix of hard rock, pop, and punk, Space Cushion brings a sound and performance charged with energy and emotion. With a set encompassing a blend of original material and cover songs spanning five decades of rock n roll, they’re sure to be a crowd-pleasin’ good time!

While most rock songs are like a well-crafted beer or wine, Space Cushion's are like shots of whiskey: simple yet hard-edged; they go down fast and hit ya in the gut. Hours later, you're still reeling from the effects.