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A Good Rogering

01/13/2018 12AM-12:45AM No Cover

Hometown: Austin, TX
Genre: Electric Heavy Rock
Band Members:
Skunk Manhattan - Vocals & Guitars
Rick Lambert - Guitars & Vocals
Sammiard Alvarado - Bass
Rom Gov - Drums

With a penchant for bending and blending a plethora of musical influences from Mr. Bungle to Beethoven, A Good Rogering is a band that refuses to conform to any one genre or style of music - partly because they don't know how to, but mainly because they find it boring.

Their debut EP, ‘Long Overdue’, was released in 2010 and gained the band recognition and praise among the local Texas metal music scene. The track, “Born to Follow” was featured in Guitar World Magazine on a compilation CD alongside ads of frontman Skunk Manhattan with his signature Tregan guitar.

‘Lifeblood’ was released in 2013 and continued the band’s evolution of genre mixing and weirdness. The ten track album covered a wide spectrum of styles from the savage “Caveman Angry” to the laid-back, “Melodic Intercourse”. The songs, “Under the Gun” and “Care for a Rat in the Face?” have been featured on Austin’s premiere rock radio station 93.7 KLBJ’s local licks.

Their latest EP, 'This Is Death Metal', is the band's strongest release to date paying homage to their metal roots and love of a solid groove. Currently on tour, AGR continues to captivate audiences across the country with their intense and engaging live shows.