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2nd Annual Memorial Weekend Rock Show – Broken Teeth

05/26/2018 12:15AM-1:15AM No Cover

Genre: Foot on the monitor, hand on the crotch, & screamin' demon rock n roll
Hometown: Austin, TX
Band Members:
Jason McMaster - Vocals
Jared Tuten - Guitars
David Beeson - Guitars
Robb Lampman - Bass
Bruce Rivers - Drums

Broken Teeth formed in Austin, Texas, in 1999 when McMaster (Watchtower and Dangerous Toys) recruited former members of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks and Pariah for a side project that allowed band members to have some fun indulging their dirty rock influences including AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Circus of Power and The Four Horsemen. More than a decade later, Broken Teeth has firmly established its own tattered and frayed identity with a discography that includes the self-titled debut, “Guilty Pleasure,” “Blood on the Radio” and “Electric.”